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No One's Home

From the HBO special, "The Return of Bruno",
written and performed by Dockta D

Our journey's just begun, quickly take your place
My eternal travelers of myth and space
Dead wanderers we all through the sea of sullen bliss
There! Behold the Gates of Nothingness!

No One's Home
No One's Home
Forests of Ice, Streets of Bone
Chimes Ring Out, We're All Alone
No One's Home

Amazed we gaze through the aborted hole of time
Questing our destiny in the Temple of Mind

No One's Home
No One's Home
Shadows of Light, Silent Voices Moan
Forevermore, There's No One Home
No One's Home

Company me brothers, sisters of faith
Away this wayward, weary place
Blinding becons doth darken our sight
Beware o' torches that burn not light

Fabled forces unfold clear
Like solitary soldiers armed with fear
Of soul, of spirit, of evermore
Inside out, they've locked the door

When all is dead and all is sung
Divergent energies flow as one
We are here and we are there
Scattered together for all to share

Celestial salesmen shine their goods
Priests of incense, science, truth
Look to the sky but know the Earth
'Tis there sequestered the Truth of Birth