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Love That Stuff

Written by Dockta D and Mark Gaillard
Arranged by Dockta D

When your standin' close to me
Look so fine, smell so sweet
I gotta get ya into my life
Baby wanna love you through the night

Every time I see you breezin' down the street
Sho' nuff baby sweep me off my feet
Every time you squeeze me gives me butterflies
Cause what you got baby is drivin' me crazy
and makin' me very tongue tied

When were dancin' on the beach
Move so fine, such a peach
I wanna be with you through the night
Know everything gonna be alright

Harmonica: Dockta D
Vocals: Mark Gaillard
Backing vocals: Dockta D, Mark Gaillard,
Neil Faison, Don Tucker
Drums: Don Tucker
Bass: Sergio Osollo
Guitars: Neil Faison