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Already Dead

Written and arranged by Dockta D

You could stick a knife in my heart
Put a bullet in my brain
Hang me from the highest tree
Drown me in the river Seine
Beat me 'til I'm comatose
Or give me a lethal overdose
Strap me in the 'lectric chair
Push me down a flight o' stairs
Since my baby done left
You could take my poor life
but I feel like I'm already dead
I'm already dead, baby

Lock me in the lion's den
Slice me 'cross the jugglar vein
Shoot me with an uzi
Hit me with a diesel train
Give me poison gas
Oh, the pain it would not last
Burn me with gasoline
Shave me with a guillotine
You could crush me with lead
Cause my baby done left
and I feel like I'm already dead
I'm already dead, baby

She's my heart and soul now my blood's running cold
She done left me for a man now I'm dyin' on my mournin' bed
I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't feel my heart beat
I can't even breathe cause it seems that I'm already dead
I'm already dead, lord, lord take me to the morgue


You could smother me in my sleep
Butcher, torcher, maim
Wrap a rope around my neck and
Drop me from an aeroplane
Choke me 'til my face is blue
Take a switchblade and run me through
Beat me with a cane
I ain't never gonna be the same
You could slay me in bed
You'd be wasting your time
cause I feel like I'm already dead

Put me six feet under ground
Don't call the doctor, baby
Call the coroner
Call the mortician
Crucify me baby

Harmonica: Dockta D
Drums: Pat McDonald
Bass: Randy Coleman
Guitars: Shane Theriot
Guitars: Ricky Godfrey
Keys: Johnny Neel