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911 - Love Emergency

Written and arranged by Dockta D

I thought that I could make it
I thought that I'd be fine
But I was on a date last night
And baby you was on my mind

I never knew what hit me
I never knew the pain
But ever since you left me pretty baby
You know I never been the same

911 - Love Emergency
911 - Send them Love Police
911 - Love Emergency
911 - Come on and rescue Me

I don't think I can make it
Without you by my side
If only you was here with me baby
You know I'd prove it one more time

My life has been so lonely
My life has been so numb
If only you would phone me up baby
And stop my lonely gun

My life has no more purpose
Without you in my arms
I need to feel you close to me baby
To feel your tender charms

Our love held so much meaning
Like none I've ever known
Oh baby won't you take me back
And make this life our own

You broke and entered my heart pretty baby
Let's try to make a new start
You vandalized my very soul
With your sweet, sweet rock-n-roll

I'm down here at the Stop-n-Go, baby
On some lonely street that I don't know
I'm down on my bendin' knees
C'mon, baby, I'm beggin' you darlin' please

You got to send me a love ambulance
Send me a love ambulance
To try to save our romance
Turn on them flashin' red lights
Turn on your siren
Send that love ambulance
Send them love police
Send a doctor, send a lawyer, send a nurse, send a priest
I got to get offa my knees
Dial those numbers -- 911
C'mon baby get on the phone
You got to stop acting like a clone

BabY, why don't you just rescue me

Harmonica: Dockta D
Vocals: Tom Strew
Drums: Tom Strew
Bass: Larry
Guitars: Don Butler