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Want to learn how to blow harp like Dockta D?

Doc can take you from not being able to spell "harmonica" to playing like Lee Oscar and John Popper and Little Walter! Well, sort of... The Doc will teach you about the mechanics of the instrument and give you fundamental harmonica theory. You will learn breathing techniques and playing strategy. You will learn how to use your hands, lips, tongue, cheeks, throat, diaphragm, chest, lungs, and stomach when you play. You will learn about different types of harmonicas and different manufacturers and different models from those manufacturers. You will learn about major and minor harmonicas. You will learn how to tune harmonicas. You will learn how to jam!

Lessons generally last a half hour and the cost is dependent upon your level.


1. desire
2. a few harmonicas (regular diatonic harmonicas cost approximately $30 each, available at most major music outlets or online) Chromatic harmonicas are much more expensive.

Inquire at: doc@docktad.com